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Past Trips

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2014 - Road To

As a way to increase awareness of strokes and stroke survivors, I (and four of my friends) pedaled across the country in 2014. This trip demonstrated that suffering a stroke does not have to mean the end of a person's ability to enjoy an active lifestyle. We called this the "Road to Margaritaville Ride".

2015 - Rails to
Trails Tour

In 2015 I traveled across the country and rode my recumbent trike on numerous rail trails and organized state rides. This trip was called the "Rails To Trails Ride". 

2016 - Sea to Sea Tour

In 2016 I traveled across the country again. We called this the "Sea to Sea Tour". 

2019 - Erie Canal Tour &
East Coast Freedom Ride

In 2019 I traveled to the Erie Canal Tour & the East Coast Freedom. 

2023 Tour - Albuquerque to Houston Tour

In 2023 we are planning on traveling from Albuquerque New Mexico to Houston Texas.

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Visit Our Gallery!

We have plenty of photos from our previous trips on our gallery page. Track our progress and join us for the next trip. 

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