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Our mission is to reach every stroke survivor and show them that recovery is possible! Through Adaptive Cycling clinics we help stroke survivors to get their life back, by regaining strength and ability, hope and freedom. The goal is to increase awareness about stroke and HHT (Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia), and to make Adaptive Cycling available to the stroke community.


A person can overcome the effects of a stroke to lead a positive, productive life. I would like to ride with stroke and brain injury survivors one or two days a week and show them how easy it can be.

Road To hope, freedom, and recovery!

"Focus on your abilities, not your disabilities"

My name is Dan and I suffered a stroke in 2005 as a result of HHT. Though recovery was difficult and took a long time, I am now able to do many things that were previously considered unattainable. 

After spending some time riding with me, I would like to help them set up gofundme webpages to encourage each survivor to be able to purchase their own recumbent trike through authorized dealers.

When doctors told me that I might never walk again, I grew frustrated. With daily exercise, I saw a significant improvement in my endurance, balance, speech, and walking ability. For more details on my experience, visit the about page.

To share this knowledge with other survivors and show them that recovery is possible has been my life's goal. 

Spokes Tour!

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Stroke Resource Center of Southern Arizona

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The Stroke Resource Center of Southern Arizona provides information about resources for stroke survivors and caregivers in Southern Arizona. For more information about this group, check out their website.

Spokes Adaptive Cycling

Dan with a cycling friend

Spokes Fighting Strokes is hosting a regular series of weekly rides in Tempe and Tucson. You can get all the information about this in our Spokes Adaptive Cycling Schedule flyer.

Spokes Fighting Strokes Equipment Fundraiser

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We have a fundraising page set up on GoFundMe so people can donate money to help with our equipment costs. You can make a donation on our GoFundMe page.

Using Amazon to Support Spokes Fighting Strokes

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You can make automatic donations to our organization every time you shop on Amazon by using a special link to their website. For all the details on how to easily set this up, go to our Amazon fundraising page.

Story From a Survivor

"In January 2014 Bart had a stroke. Otherwise in good health, he spent two weeks in ICU, another six weeks in hospital. Unable to talk, walk or even stand, feeding tube, trach, equipped with a helmet for leaving the bed to a wheelchair. Bart was on 16 different drugs, still hooked to IV. He went off to in-patient therapy for another three weeks. Longer would have been beneficial but insurance ran out. He left the hospital 80lbs lighter, with an AFO for his right leg, a helmet, in a wheelchair, unable to stand without a two person assist. Home to recover with only a wife and two adult children. When Bart began to talk he had asphasia. It was mostly mumbo jumbo, frustrating of course. We laughed along as he called us all weird names (mine was bacon).  Slowly he got stronger. 

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