Panera Fundraiser Flyer Spokes Fighting Strokes is participating in a special fundraiser hosted by Panera Bread on Tuesday, March 27th from 4 - 8 PM. This event is being held at their Tempe Marketplace location at 2000 East Rio Salado Parkway.

Panera will donate 20% of all sales during those 4 hours to us, but we must generate a minimum of at least $100 in pre-tax sales. To help with this fundraiser just tap/click on the flyer image to the right and download it to your phone. Or download and print it out and bring it with you that night.

You must show this flyer (or the stored version on your phone) at the time of purchase.

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Dan Z. "focus on your abilities, not your disabilities"

This is a website about strokes and how a person can overcome the effects of a stroke to lead a positive, productive life. My name is Dan and I suffered a stroke in 2005 as result of HHT. Though recovery was difficult and took a long time, I am now able to do many things that were previously considered unattainable. For more details on my experience you can read my biography here or check out the second video below.

Our mission is to reach every stroke survivor and show them that recovery is possible! Through our Spokes Adaptive Cycling clinics in Arizona and Colorado, we help stroke survivors gain independence, ability, hope, and freedom. The goal is to increase awareness about stroke and HHT (Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia), the cause of my stroke and to make adaptive cycling available to the stroke community.

I would like to ride with stroke and brain injury survivors one or two days a week and show them how easy it can be. After spending some time riding with me, I would like to help them set up gofundme webpages to encourage each survivor to be able to purchase their own Catrike recumbent trike through Catrike authorized dealers.

Spokes Adaptive Cycling

Spokes Fighting Strokes is hosting a regular series of weekly rides in Tempe and Tucson. You can get all the information about this in our Spokes Adaptive Cycling Schedule flyer.

Stroke Resource Center of Southern Arizona

The Stroke Resource Center of Southern Arizona provides information about resources for stroke survivors and caregivers in Southern Arizona. For more information about this group, check out their website.

Spokes Fighting Strokes Equipment Fundraiser

We have a fundraising page set up on GoFundMe so people can donate money to help with our equipment costs. You can make a donation on our GoFundMe page.

The Road to Margaritaville

As a way to increase awareness of strokes and stroke survivors, I (and four of my friends) pedaled across the country in 2014. This trip demonstrated that suffering a stroke does not have to mean the end of a person's ability to enjoy an active lifestyle. We called this the "Road to Margaritaville Ride". For more information about the ride, and to see where we went, go to the 2014 trip page.

Rails To Trails Bike Tour

In 2015 I traveled across the country and rode my recumbent trike on numerous rail trails and organized state rides. This trip was called the "Rails To Trails Ride". For more information about this ride, and to see where I went, go to the 2015 trip page.

Sea to Sea Tour

In 2016 I traveled across the country again. We called this the "Sea to Sea Tour". For more information about this ride, and to see where we went, go to the 2016 trip page. To see a complete schedule of this trip, go to the trip schedule page.

2019 Tour

In 2019 we will be doing another long ride - this time along the eastern seaboard of the United States. We are calling this the "East Coast Freedom Tour". For more information about this ride, and to see where we are going, go to the 2019 trip page. To see a complete schedule of this trip, go to the trip schedule page.

We are looking for corporate sponsors (or individuals) who are willing to help support this effort through donations to fund the expenses of the trip. If you are interested in helping us, please visit our donation page. We will be listing our sponsors prominently on this website. You can see a list of our sponsors on the sponsors page.

The video below was produced by Jimmie Sullivan and tells the story of who I was, how my stroke happened, and how my life has changed since then.
You can see a full screen version by clicking the "box" in the lower right corner of the video window.
This video (also by Jimmie Sullivan) is a radio interview he and I did to promote my story and the 2014 ride.
And this video by Jimmie stresses one of my favorite sayings:
"Focus on your ability, NOT your disability".
This video by Bill Brown shows us riding in several areas of our 2014 Road To Margaritaville Bike Tour.
This short video shows us riding along Tempe Town Lake in Tempe, AZ.
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NSA Logo Information about strokes, current research, and resources for stroke survivors can be found on the National Stroke Association website.